Improve student’s learning capacity by 400%

Even after the best efforts by the teacher only 50 to 70% of the students understand the concept in the class. Further 30% more forget it within couple of days. How to improve on that?

Below is a proven method that increases the learning capacity of a student by 400%. With this method one hour lecture is equal to a 4 hour lecture on the same topic.  

Spaced Learning : 

Spaced Learning is a learning method in which 

“Short sharp lessons are interspersed with an entirely different activity and repeated at regular intervals. And high-speed learning is proving far more effective in helping children improve their concentration – and their grades – than conventional “chalk and talk” lessons.”

For Example –

In a 40 minute lecture, the teacher prepares a very to the point material and delivers the entire information in 10 minutes. After that the entire class does a physical activity. It can be anything. For example everyone in the class can stand up and down at their places for 2-3 minutes. While doing so, they can sing a song.

This takes their mind of learning. Everybody is laughing. After that you can repeat the content again for another 10 minutes and take a 2 minute break to do some physical activity. And after that you teach for final 10 minutes.

“This content goes into long term memory of the student.”

Traditional Roots : 

Traditionally a teacher, teaches for the entire 40 minutes. Then they ask students to revise it at regular intervals. And this results in only 30 – 50 % of students remembering it after a week. Not because the above method doesn’t work, but because they are students 😛 

 I am sure every teacher must have given this advice to its students –

“To get the content into long term memory, the student perhaps need to revise it on the same day after going home, then again after 2 days and again after a week. “

Spaced Learning is uses the same technique, just that entire week is compresses into a lecture.

A Few Numbers –

One hour session with spaced learning method is proven to be 400% more effective than traditional methods.

Call For Action –

A lot of school’s in England have already implemented this with great success. Its time to implement this in India. 

Use it for one lecture and see the results yourself.

If you used this method or any other interesting method of teaching,  let us know in the comments 🙂

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