The Future Of Education


Education is no longer just about teaching with a blackboard and a chalk. This field has surpassed being merely about boring classrooms where a teacher is teaching to a group of students. With millions of internet users worldwide and big global business tycoons willing to invest in future of field of education, online education has erupted as one big bright idea. Actually looking back a few years this idea of amalgamation of online platform and education was indigestible to people. But with technological advancement, so many varied learning areas and increase in demand of education ,online learning field has spurted out.

Online learning is a key that the world is using to open all the locks of educational sector. It gives a great amount exposure to all who want to learn varied courses but cannot pursue them by being physically present at that learning school or college. There are many reasons for its growth and fame. Online education makes learning feel more like a blessing than a curse.


Have you ever faced a situation where you want to learn something but cannot find a right university for it, or cannot take time out from your schedule, or maybe you cannot travel to pursue it? All these issues are to be faced if the case was of age old learning method. With Online learning anybody can pursue any educational course without being physically present. This type of education is same or sometimes even better in sense of quality of education that is imparted. In this type of learning many a times a course is learnt through videos and animation clips which the brain finds easy to grasp and the subject learnt is retained better than the classroom teaching. So we can say online education increases efficiency, accuracy of the matter being learnt. You may now ask that in a classroom there is an amiable environment where you can have discussions on any topic related to course. Well there is this feature available over online education portals. There are discussion pages, video doubt sessions and many more things that make you feel like you are actually in a class.  

It also gives exposure to teachers, professor or any certified individual to teach other mass of students easily without putting much effort. They just have to signup themselves on some online learning website and structure the course and assignments properly, upload them and get going.


Online education is provided by many websites and universities. The format of taking up courses online is that some of portals provide open courses that are free and some are paid. You just have to find the course and type of course suitable to you and sign up for it, Tah-Dah you are enrolled and all set to start your course. The whole format of online learning is very beneficial to a student as the course structure, time duration, the teacher that will be teaching that course all can be known before handed.

There is also feature of certification which adds up as a proof of the skill a student has acquired through attending the course. These certification are valuable and are also regarded as important in academic and corporate world. Some of the courses are also granted by world class university which if taken adds up a golden feather to your skill-hat.


With only 8.15% Indians graduated( Acc. to The Hindu) education is a pertinent part. There is one problem with education sector in India. There is shortage of almost 12 lakhs of teachers which makes classroom education unevenly distributed over a large nation. Online education on other hand is equally distributed and available to all, it is more easier to access and hassle-free. It will definitely help to overcome the problem arising from shortage of teachers.

In India where overgrowing population, less space, less time and unavailability of amenities is present online education has become a big hit. The online education and learning market reached almost $35.6 billion in 2011 and with growth rate around 7.6% the revenues would soar as high as $51.5 billion by 2017. The contribution of India is 3rd largest in this market. In India there are almost 370 million internet users. With these many people on the internet cloud and constant increase in demand for more educational qualification online learning has become the ultimate choice. Students want to get access to a world class learning experience without suffering or struggling. Many people suffering from mental or physical disabilities cannot make it to classrooms on a regular basis. For these students  there are many online courses that grant legitimate degrees programs, specialization in some skills that help them to learn and  build a brighter future.

Nowadays it is also important for a person entering the corporate world to have many extra skills apart from one or two educational degrees. Employers are more interested in selecting candidates having more “extra skills”. Being efficient with the extra skills at the same time continuing with your daily routine is a difficult task. But a nation where people are fiercely competitive you need to get on your heels and grab some of your skills and get certified to earn those brownie points. These all things would have been difficult was the online education not present. Just think about all the difficulties you would have to face to lookup for a university providing the course you are interested to take, or travelling to the place daily to attend, all the precious time that you would lose on to get yourself certified. Yes, it would more hard than it seems to sound. With easy access of internet you can easily find the best course suitable to you out of piles of parallel course and you could attend the course as per your timings. This is a much more fun way to get yourself certified. With these extra skills you can upgrade your resume which would positively affect your self-confidence, your promotion , appraisal and in short an exponential upward growth of your future.


For students wanting to pursue university courses and some school level courses these are some websites to help you:

  • TED ED
  • FollowClass

For mid- professional courses these websites are very helpful:


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